Hello. Nice to meet you.

Rae Edwards is a Welsh artist, illustrator and designer who currently specialises in magazine design and mid-century illustration. She enjoys 1940s train journeys, hiding plastic dinosaurs in gardens, and putting googly eyes on old photographs.

What Rae Does

From typesetting, to illustration, to lettering design, Rae has been creating for over fifteen years.

Who Rae Is

Rae is an experienced designer who is completely in love with the process of creating identities.

Why Choose Rae

Whether it's illustrating a magazine feature, or branding your business, Rae can give you the result you're after.

Entomology 101

As a collector of all things entomological I am constantly looking for artist interpretations of real-life objects to display as they would’ve been during the Victorian time of collecting. Entomology 101 retains all of the qualities loved by natural history collectors, whilst having a humane origin and remaining easy to display. To see the full […]

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