Client: Prospective Pitch
Role: Art Direction and creative
Brief: All around Britain people are constantly sneaking off with their families in search of the hidden, the illicit, and the unknown. The art of “Geocaching” is a relatively new hobby, but it’s one that’s taken the country by storm. The “Geocache” website is a prototype model aimed at gathering a community of Geocachers from all over Britain. Featuring a user forum, social hangout, and a location spotter, it’s designed to be a tool used by everyone to find their local cache. Alongside the website are multiple publications which describe the company’s aims more clearly, and give examples of local caches. The branding for “Geocache” had to be clear and instantly explanative, as the hobby of geocaching is still relatively unknown. As such terrain maps of Wales and England were gathered and draw in vectors, then set as the background underlay for all logos. The logo structure was designed around the shape of an orienteering flag.